Keynote Roundup: Bruce Schneier

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Keynote Roundup: Bruce Schneier, CTO, Resilient & Special Advisor, IBM Security

Missed Bruce Schneier’s keynote on Privacy, Trust and the Internet of Things? Not to worry, here’s an overview of all the key points.



What was covered in your Infosecurity Europe keynote?

  • A look at the internet of things and the rise of cyber physical systems.
  • The unique challenges they present to our industry when computers become everything and everything we know has to translate into the real world, into the normal world and the problems that are going to arise from it. 

Why is that such an important issue for the industry at the moment?

  • It’s the future, we are seeing computer permeate every aspect of our lives.
  • When they get in cars, thermostats, appliances and medical devices everything we know about computer security and network security suddenly becomes the security of everything.
  • All of our tricks, solutions, successes and failures will go out of IT and into everything, that’s going to be huge.
  • Huge for people, for government, for regulators, for our industry, its going to change everything.

What were the key points the audience took away from your session?

  • There are two paradigms of security we have in our lives.
  • One is the paradigm from the world of dangerous things, cars, airplanes, buildings, pharmaceuticals, this is the world of certification, testing, licensing, processes and getting it right the first time. Going slow because its scary.
  • Then there is the world of IT, doing it fast and fixing it quickly.
  • These two worlds are colliding; they are not going to collide well.
  • We need to figure out both technically and policy wise how to integrate them.

What are your recommendations for anyone out there addressing this issue?

  • I think government is going to get involved in policy in a big way when people start dying and property is destroyed, when the integrity and availability threats become greater than the confidentially threats.
  • As anti-regulation as we are in our industry, we need to get ahead of government, because if government comes in and does it because they are scared at the last minute, they are going to mess it up.
  • We need to think ahead of government, think about how to regulate us before they do it to us.

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