CPE Credits

  • CPE & CPD Credits

    Infosecurity Group work in partnership with leading industry associations (ISC)2 and ISACA to enable you to earn credits automatically.

    This is a fantastic opportunity to learn in a practical setting and take key insights back to your organization while furthering your professional development. Please note, there is no certificate of attendance with any of the bodies.

  • About credits

    CPE (Continuing Professional Education), CPD (Continuing Professional Development) and ECE (Educational Credential Evaluators) credits can be earned by attending conference sessions, seminars, workshops and training courses at Infosecurity Europe.

    You are able to earn 1 credit for a 50-60 minute session, ½ credit for a 25-50 minute session, 2 credits for a two hour session and so on.

    Earning your credits

    Your participation in the conference programme is recorded when you are scanned as you enter each session.
    Please note that we are not able to provide certificates of attendance if you are earning credits through other bodies.

    You are able to earn credits by attending the following theatre sessions:

    • Keynote Stage
    • Information Security Exchange
    • Strategy Talks
    • Tech Talks
    • Security Workshops
    • Geek Street
    • Talking Tactics

    Retrieving your credits

    Your credits will be automatically applied approximately 4-5 weeks after the event, provided that you have entered your membership numbers correctly during the registration process (please double check this when registering to avoid losing your points).

    Once we have verified all our data, we then submit it to the relevant organisations, who will in turn add it to their systems. We recommend attendees keep a record of sessions you attend in case you want to self-certify with with organisations.

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