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    As organisations become increasingly complex we are moving into a new area of cybersecurity – one where increased connectivity, machine learning and rising cyber threats to infrastructure pose new and complex risks. Against this background the infosec community is tasked with simplifying information security to manage and mitigate increasing risks and enhance organisational resilience.

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    Threats, Exploits & Vulnerabilities

    Cybersecurity can be a world of uncertainty; we’re facing a new wave of sophisticated threats, while still dealing with the same fundamental threats from decades ago (e.g. SQL injection and ransomware). Focusing on a strong perimeter to keep the bad guys out is not working. Now that attackers routinely use stolen credentials or low-tech phishing techniques to enter, and now that data is no longer kept within a perimeter, this outside-in approach is no longer practical.


    Governance, Risk & Compliance

    Regulatory risk is a key challenge for organisations with the threat of huge fines in the event of a breach. Whilst GDPR is still forefront of the mind, new privacy regulation is on the horizon in the shape of the ePrivacy Regulation that will work in tandem with GDPR, focusing on the confidentiality of data involved in electronic communications.


    Incident Response & Security Operations

    Privacy and security professionals often approach incident and breach response from two different outlooks. Whereas security teams focus on threat vectors, privacy teams focus on personal data leaks and regulatory compliance. While each team comes from different perspectives, it's possible to build a response plan that addresses everyone's needs.

  • Cloud Security

    Many enterprises are adopting a cloud-first strategy to drive their business. As cloud deployments increase, security requirements increase with them, leading to dispersed security responsibilities as traditional security implementations impede the speed to delivery.


    Cyber Physical

    Most operational technology wasn’t designed to be connected to an IP network. And yet, as technology advances that is exactly what is happening – opening up new attack vectors ready to be exploited by criminals. Cyber risk is now firmly on the risk register for different sectors of the business. But how can this translate to effective risk management for connected IT and OT networks?


    Data Protection

    Data breaches are the new normal. We’ve created ecosystems with so many moving parts and so many complex units, it’s little wonder that we so frequently see them go wrong. A combination of more systems, more people, more devices and more ways than ever of producing and publishing data stack the odds in favour of attackers breaching more systems than ever.

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